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Happy Summer! Not that June is over, it is time to get reading!! I have selected some timely books that will be sure to capture your hearts and build empathy within! Click on books or objects to find out more about the book.


The steps are:
• go to new post
• Switch from visual to text editor
• Paste the embed code
• Then publish (do not flip back to visual editor) just click publish

Adding the Public Library to Sora (add hundreds of books!)

To activate your WMS Sora account for digital or audio books click the link below to add public library to your WMS Sora Account audio and digital books click the link below.


Next step once you have logged in is to add the Cincinnati Public Library –this will give you hundreds of books to select from!!!

Click on the hamburg in the Top Right Corner

This side bar will open and you will click on the Green Plus Sign:

Find Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

You will be asked for your library card number– if you do not have a library card you can get one digitally at: https://www.cincinnatilibrary.org/

Now that was easy!!!! 🙂

Karen J. Reiber
Media/Technology Specialist


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