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New Year and New Devices

Happy 2017! It has been a wonderful, fun-filled and crazy holiday season which is fast coming to a close. We may have given or received new digital devices and it seems that we and/or our kids cannot get enough time to explore what new apps are out there, how our device or game system works, watch the latest YouTube videos or play the hottest games like Super Mario Run. As school resumes it is time to set some media healthy guidelines for the coming year. We need to balance screen time with family time, face-to-face friends time, time for school work and time maintaining a healthy physical self.

There may be some short lived protests when you set up guidelines for media use but in the long run you are making sure you create a healthy and nurturing environment for your children.

Here are some tips that I have compiled along with some great tips from Caroline Knorr, a parenting editor for Common Sense Media:

  • Parents be good role models—your children are always watching how you interact with media (and for how long).
  • Have mealtime be “Device-Free” time—no devices brought to the table.
  • “Family Media Plan”-it is not only about what they consume it is also about what they create.
  • Interact with your children with “their media”—ask them how apps work, watch movies or videos with them, play their games and have fun with them.
  • Set Media Guidelines-limit amount of TV time, Game Time, Computer/Device Time.
    • Apps, movies, games and music are rated for certain ages—tell your children what your expectations are—what ratings you will and will not allow.
    • Places where devices can be used—bedroom is one of those places that should be off limits for using or charging devices.
    • They are never to meet face-to-face with someone they have met online unless you are present.
    • Remind them the device is in your name and you get to set the guidelines.
    • Make sure you talk about consequences if rules are not followed.
    • Be consistent!
  • Sit with your kids and help them set their privacy and location settings.
  • Keep communication open–have social media discussions at dinnertime.
    • How can a positive or negative digital footprint affect your future?
    • What information is private and what family information should not be shared via social media/internet.
    • What happens to snapchats when they disappear or data you delete? (It is NEVER really gone!!)
    • When you send or post text or images (privately) what can happen to your information? (Once anything is sent or posted consider it to be PUBLIC), why?
  • The last tip would be to subscribe to Common Sense Media Newsletter—it comes once a week. It reviews websites, apps, music, TV, books and movies. It is full of valuable resources!

Read Caroline Knorr’s entire article: 7 Media Resolutions Every Family Should in 2017

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