“Connected: Students in a 7 x 24 World”

Wyoming Middle School is excited to introduce the Wyoming Social Media Task Force.  In a era of digital footprints, we want to empower our students to make smart choices about the use of technology and the story(ies) they share.  As parents, we hold an equal responsibility to have authentic conversations with our children about their digital hygiene and how we can support them in making smart tech choices.  Please join the Social Media Task Force Team as they seek to bring awareness and to empower our children.  See more detailed information below.

Wyoming Social Media Task Force: Building Digital Values

The Wyo Social Media Task Force is comprised of individuals representing the Wyoming Middle School Staff, Wyoming Schools Administrators, PSA, Wyoming Police Department, Wyoming Youth Services, and parents.

Our Mission: Provide education to raise awareness and increase mindfulness regarding the complexities and impact of technology usage on our students and community.

  • Students completed a survey the first week of school to help us learn more about their online usage.
  • Weekly “Screen Sense” tips will be presented during announcements to remind students to be mindful of the “digital tattoo” they are creating and to be respectful, kind, and responsible.
  • The Monthly blog will contain a message for parents. We will share information to help families navigate the challenges of the on-line world.

JOIN US:  Thursday, September 24th @ 7 p.m for a Parent Presentation:

“Connected: Students in a 7 x 24 World”  by Mr. Stephen Smith, Director, Relationship Marketing for CBTS, a Cincinnati Bell Company. This powerful program covers the basics concerning the evolution of the mobile and broadband world as it relates to student communication including: sexting, bullying, and social networking. We’ll cover the causes, the technology and how parents, staff and students can help control these trends.

Middle School Students will receive a presentation at school from Mr. Smith on September 29th (5 & 6th grade) and September 30th (7th & 8th grade).

Upcoming Events: Please save the date of February 17th for a panel presentation from a group of experts.

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