Gregg Rocca

Dear WMS Families,

Please read below for a message from Mrs. Klein about Mr. Gregg Rocca.

Mike Overbey

February 10, 2013

Dear Parents,

I regret to inform you that our school counselor, Mr. Gregg Rocca, passed away today Sunday, February 10th, as the result of a three-year battle with bladder cancer.  Mr. Rocca has been a wonderful counselor, friend, and mentor loved by all the primary students.   During his eighteen years in Wyoming Schools, his dedication and commitment to students, families, and to our staff members has so positively touched us all.  He will be missed greatly.  I ask that you keep his family in your thoughts during this most difficult time.

I encourage you to talk with your child about our loss of Mr. Rocca.  How  we, as adults, manage ourselves serves as a model for helping children handle tragedies.  It is important that they know they  are loved and supported as they talk about their feelings.

You may want to consider the following when talking with your child:

  • Allow for your child to talk about their feelings.  If this loss is your child’s first experience, your child may not know how to respond and will be looking for guidance.
  • Have honest information.
  • Affirm all expressions.  It is okay to express feelings honestly.
  • Encourage written expression such as notes, letters, pictures, etc…
  • Watch for trouble signs, such as aggression or withdrawal.
  • Some children may show little or no emotion, and that is also normal.

The Primary Schools will  have a team of counselors, social workers, and/or psychologist at our schools tomorrow and throughout the week to provide emotional support.  If you feel that your child, family, or others need help in dealing with the loss of Mr. Rocca, please feel free to call your school office, and we will help.


Jennifer Klein, Principal

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