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Highly Effective Schools have students reading at least 26 books per year!  So what better way than to get a few of those in over the summer!  I am not a big fan of a required summer reading list.  Students are required to read books all school year-long that fit our curriculum for their grade level.  So when it comes to summer reading it should be just for FUN! I like to think we are building life-long readers.  The Public Library of Cincinnati has a great reading program—Reading Rocks—it is going on from June 1 until August.  Just enroll on-line and get started!  There is a program for adults too—a great way to role model reading for pleasure!  As always they are giving away free stuff—just for reading!!

I have attached two reading lists—one for incoming 5th and 6th graders and the other for incoming 7th and 8th graders.  This is a list of books compiled by Wyoming Middle School teachers and myself.  It is a list of suggested books that are fun to read!!  Go to the following attachment for 5/6 reading list:  Grade5-6SummerRead.  The following attachment has the 7/8 reading list:  Grade7-8SummerRead2012.

We know that students who do not read over the summer can lose up to a half year reading level in the 3 months that they are off.  So parents–start modeling reading, read aloud, check out books on CDS (or the new Playaways—they are MP3s), get going to the library or bookstore and start downloading some books on your digital devices.  Kids who are surrounded by books (in any format) are more likely to read!

I would also like to mention an awesome resource for parents—Common Sense Media.  It is a very valuable resource when it comes to rating books, movies, music and digital gaming.  It has great informative articles on keeping your children safe online—it has great articles about Facebook and other social media. Here is the website for Common Sense Media  and here is the link for their Virtual Summer Camp—it has some great ideas for apps to download and the educational value of each.  Like Angry Birds Space—they can learn about gravity, momentum and trajectory. Gotta love that!  Take a minute to sign-up at the site so that you get their newsletter—it’s free and it is definitely worth your time!

If you have any questions over the summer—just email me!  I am already on book number five!  Chomp by Carl Hiaasen, Pop by Gordon Korman, Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt, the newest Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell, ZooBreak by Gordon Korman.

Interested in what I am reading (I only read books for Middle Schoolers) check out my blog:

Reading Reiber’s Blog

Have your student email me if they want to be a guest blogger on my BLOG!

Attention all 5th grade parents:  If your child has not emailed their Research Glog/Book Trailer to you–please ask them to log-in to Glogster (Edu) and share their Author Research Glog.  They did a fabulous job both researching and using web tools!  Accounts will be open until the end of July!  Enjoy!

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