Important End of the Year Announcements from the Learning Center

Libraries/Learning Centers are an important part of any school. 

Lance and Loertscher in Powering Achievement: School Library Media Programs Make a Difference:  The Evidence they quote Krashen and McQuillan research, “When children and teens are surrounded by large quantities of books they want to read, they actually read more!”  And those who read more score higher on any academic achievement tests they take.  Results of investments in a school library/learning center:  Test scores can be expected to be 10-20% higher in schools with an emphasis on large book collections and information technology.


First off I want to thank all the students who were active readers this year and who participated in the numerous contests and activities that happened in the learning center! It was a lot of fun!  Over 7,000 books were checked out this year and over 3,000 used in the Learning Center!  There were 148 eBooks read and over 500 searches on Web Path Express!  Great job Wyoming Middle School!


Next I want to address the LC notices that went out today.  Please read them carefully:

  • These were run on Thursday of last week and do not reflect any transactions that happened Thursday afternoon through today.
  • It has a listing of all books you currently have checked out (just a reminder of what you have)
  • If you have overdue books they will be listed along with the cost for the book (if you cannot locate it.)
  • If you have fines they will be listed.  Remember fines keep accruing until the book is returned (no fines are charged on Language Arts Books so if you stop down to LC that can be removed)
  • All language arts books when given to you are actually checked out in your name so if they are missing or you did not turn in the book that was checked out to you the cost is 10.00 to replace a book.
  • If you think there is an error on your notice—stop down so we can figure it out!
  • Self Checkout was extremely helpful this year in getting books checked out quickly—however there are some books that did not get checked out properly so please look in your locker and at home for any Learning Center Books—it will have our barcode on it and please return ASAP.

Thank you for your help in getting resources back to the Learning Center in a timely manner!!

Teachers thank you for bringing your students to the LC for books and for handing out the monthly notices.  If you could take a moment today to look for any books that might belong to the learning center or literature circle books and please send them to Learning Center today—that would be great!

Parents thank you for encouraging your child to read!!  Parents if you can assist your student in looking for resources that would be great!  If you are spring cleaning and you notice a WMS book please just drop off at the office—thank you!  FYI students receive monthly notices about overdue books and fines—given to them in homeroom.

Lance, Keith Curry and David V. Loertscher.  Powering Achievement: School Library Media Programs Make a Difference:  The Evidence. Hi Willow Research and Publishing, 2001.Web. 11 May 2012.


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