Margaret Peterson Haddix visits Wyoming Middle School

Award winning and bestselling author Margaret Peterson Haddix spent time with each grade of Wyoming Middle School and all with all 4th grade students from the elementary schools on Thursday. Ms. Haddix shared her craft and love of writing.  She is a local author, growing up in Washington Courthouse, Ohio and now resides in Columbus with her husband and two children.

Ms. Haddix has written over 30 books for both children and young adults. Popular here at Wyoming Middle School are: The Shadow Children Series, The Missing Series, Double Identity and Running Out of Time.  Her new release is The Always War, another great science fiction thriller!  Ms. Haddix shared she got her idea for this book from a taxi ride in California.  The driver shared that there is one segment of California that the GPS cannot find and will actually steer the driver around “the lost segment” of the city, even though the streets exist and run right through the segment.”

Margaret Peterson Haddix not only shared where she gets the ideas for her books but how she names her characters (from a Baby Names Book and the Phone Book), her daily writing schedule, her writing process and the publishing process.  Students had an opportunity to ask her many questions during her time with them.

Ms. Haddix had lunch with the Language Arts Teachers and both the Children’s and Teen Librarians from the Wyoming Branch of the Public Library.  She signed books for well over an hour and finished the day with the Power of Pen Students and students who embarked on the Margaret Peterson Haddix Web Quest. Students were both excited and enthusiastic to have Margaret Peterson Haddix, a bestselling author in their midst.

Please go to the following link for video and pictures:

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